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When we founded Quorum in 1987, we promised to create value for our investors. In the years since this promise, performance has been fulfilled through returns that have not only been gratifying, but consistently so, in markets good and bad.

I believe this dual benefit of high performance and high stability for our investors is a result of our management team which has been working together for virtually the past 23 years.

You have my commitment and the commitment of the Quorum team to apply our hard-won expertise in creating consistently positive returns for our investors.

Wanda Dorosz
CEO & Managing Partner
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The Quorum Group of Companies (“Quorum”) was founded in 1987 under the leadership of Wanda Dorosz. It operates from its headquarters in Toronto with offices in Bermuda and London. Quorum grew from managing a $16 million pension fund assets to an investment portfolio of over $400 million. The same management team led by Wanda Dorosz has an outstanding track record as a proactive lead investor providing expansion capital over the last 19 years. Quorum's strategy is to provide expansion phased financing to small and medium-sized, private and public companies. Investments predominately are made in companies which are financially stable with both a proven business model and an established customer base. The focus is on investee companies which have strong growth prospects and an established market position relative to the competition. Quorum has developed a proven strategy of expansion stage investing and has consistently achieved industry leading performance since inception. (See Performance Section) Expansion stage investments take the form of convertible debt tailored to suit the specific circumstances of the investee company. Quorum takes a 'secured equity' approach to structuring investments where investee companies are not burdened with high interest and large debt repayment obligations. Just recently, Quorum introduced a new fund which provides "private investing in public equity" (P.I.P.E.), by way of investment in secured convertible debenture with a single digit coupon rate. Quorum manages capital on behalf of high net-worth and institutional investors. Powered by QCTI VICommunity